adjective \ig-ˈzr-bə-tənt\

: going far beyond what is fair, reasonable, or expected : too high, expensive, etc.

Full Definition of EXORBITANT

:  not coming within the scope of the law
:  exceeding the customary or appropriate limits in intensity, quality, amount, or size
ex·or·bi·tant·ly adverb

Examples of EXORBITANT

  1. They were charged exorbitant rates for phone calls.
  2. <the cost of our stay was so exorbitant you would have thought that we had bought the hotel and not just spent a few nights there>
  3. The citizens of Xiaoli Village move lazily, with a languor born of chronic underemployment. They are farmers by tradition, but exorbitant taxes have leached any profitability out of their profession. —Hannah Beech, Time, 27 Oct. 2003


Middle English, from Late Latin exorbitant-, exorbitans, present participle of exorbitare to deviate, from Latin ex- + orbita track of a wheel, rut, from orbis disk, hoop
First Known Use: 15th century


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