noun ex·i·gen·cy \ˈek-sə-jən(t)-sē, ig-ˈzi-jən(t)-\

: something that is necessary in a particular situation

plural ex·i·gen·cies

Full Definition of EXIGENCY

:  that which is required in a particular situation —usually used in plural <exceptionally quick in responding to the exigencies of modern warfare — D. B. Ottaway>
a :  the quality or state of being exigent
b :  a state of affairs that makes urgent demands <a leader must act in any sudden exigency>

Examples of EXIGENCY

  1. <the exigencies requiring snap decisions that traders on the stock exchange face every day>

First Known Use of EXIGENCY


Synonym Discussion of EXIGENCY

juncture, exigency, emergency, contingency, pinch, straits, crisis mean a critical or crucial time or state of affairs. juncture stresses the significant concurrence or convergence of events <an important juncture in our country's history>. exigency stresses the pressure of restrictions or urgency of demands created by a special situation <provide for exigencies>. emergency applies to a sudden unforeseen situation requiring prompt action to avoid disaster <the presence of mind needed to deal with emergencies>. contingency implies an emergency or exigency that is regarded as possible but uncertain of occurrence <contingency plans>. pinch implies urgency or pressure for action to a less intense degree than exigency or emergency <come through in a pinch>. straits applies to a troublesome situation from which escape is extremely difficult <in dire straits>. crisis applies to a juncture whose outcome will make a decisive difference <a crisis of confidence>.


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