verb \ig-ˈzüm, igz-ˈyüm, iks-ˈ(h)yüm\

: to remove (a body) from the place where it is buried


Full Definition of EXHUME

transitive verb
:  disinter <exhume a body>
:  to bring back from neglect or obscurity <exhumed a great deal of information from the archives>
ex·hu·ma·tion \ˌeks-(h)yü-ˈmā-shən, ˌeg-zü-, ˌegz-yü-\ noun
ex·hum·er \ig-ˈzü-mər, igz-ˈyü-, iks-ˈ(h)yü-\ noun

Examples of EXHUME

  1. <the remains of John Paul Jones were exhumed in Paris and transported with great ceremony to the U.S. Naval Academy>

Origin of EXHUME

Middle English, from Medieval Latin exhumare, from Latin ex out of + humus earth — more at ex-, humble
First Known Use: 15th century

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transitive verb \igz-ˈ(y)üm, iks-ˈ(h)yüm\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of EXHUME

: disinter <the body was exhumed for an autopsy>
ex·hu·ma·tion \ˌeks-(h)yü-ˈmā-shən, ˌegz-(y)ü-\ noun


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