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verb \i-ˈvōk\

Simple Definition of evoke

  • : to bring (a memory, feeling, image, etc.) into the mind

  • : to cause (a particular reaction or response) to happen

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of evoke



  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to call forth or up: as a :  conjure 2a <evoke evil spirits> b :  to cite especially with approval or for support :  invoke c :  to bring to mind or recollection <this place evokes memories>

  3. 2 :  to re-create imaginatively

Examples of evoke in a sentence

  1. The old house evoked memories of his childhood.

  2. His photographs evoke the isolation and solitude of the desert.

Origin and Etymology of evoke

French évoquer, from Latin evocare, from e- + vocare to call — more at vocation

First Known Use: circa 1622

Synonym Discussion of evoke

educe, evoke, elicit, extract, extort mean to draw out something hidden, latent, or reserved. educe implies the bringing out of something potential or latent <educed order out of chaos>. evoke implies a strong stimulus that arouses an emotion or an interest or recalls an image or memory <a song that evokes warm memories>. elicit usually implies some effort or skill in drawing forth a response <careful questioning elicited the truth>. extract implies the use of force or pressure in obtaining answers or information <extracted a confession from him>. extort suggests a wringing or wresting from one who resists strongly <extorted their cooperation by threatening to inform>.

Rhymes with evoke

ad hoc, backstroke, baroque, bespoke, blow smoke, breaststroke, brushstroke, bur oak, chain-smoke, convoke, cork oak, cowpoke, downstroke, ground stroke, heatstroke, holm oak, in-joke, invoke, keystroke, kinfolk, kinsfolk, menfolk, pin oak, post oak, presoak, provoke, red oak, revoke, scrub oak, she-oak, sidestroke, silk oak, slowpoke, sunchoke, sunstroke, tan oak, townsfolk, uncloak, unyoke, upstroke, white oak, workfolk

EVOKE Defined for Kids


verb \i-ˈvōk\

Definition of evoke for Students



  1. :  to bring to mind <The photos evoked memories of our trip.>

Word Root of evoke

The Latin word vox, meaning “voice,” and the related word vocāre, meaning “to call”, give us the root voc or vok. Words from the Latin vox or vocāre have something to do with the voice or with calling. Anything vocal is produced by the voice. A vocation is the work that someone is called to do as a job. To evoke is to call forth. To invoke is to call on for aid or protection. To provoke is to call forth another's anger. The word voice also has vox as its root.

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