adjective ev·ery \ˈev-rē\

: including each person or thing in a group or series

—used to describe how often some repeated activity, event, etc., happens or is done

—used to describe how far apart the things in a series of things are placed from each other

Full Definition of EVERY

a :  being each individual or part of a group without exception
b :  being each in a series or succession <every few days> <every once in a while>
obsolete :  being all taken severally
:  being each within a range of possibilities <was given every chance>
:  complete, entire <we have every confidence in her>
every now and then or every now and again or every so often
:  at intervals :  occasionally

Examples of EVERY

  1. I heard every word you said.
  2. He devotes every spare moment to his hobby.
  3. His every move was carefully watched.
  4. She's beautiful in every way.
  5. Ceramics of every kind were on display.

Origin of EVERY

Middle English everich, every, from Old English ǣfre ǣlc, from ǣfre ever + ǣlc each
First Known Use: before 12th century

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EVERY SO OFTEN Defined for Kids


adjective ev·ery \ˈev-rē\

Definition of EVERY for Kids

:  including each of a group or series without leaving out any <I heard every word you said!>
:  at regularly spaced times or distances <He stopped every few feet.>


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