noun \ˈyr-(ˌ)ō\
plural euros

Definition of EURO

:  wallaroo

Origin of EURO

Adnyamathanha (Australian aboriginal language of South Australia) yuru
First Known Use: 1855


plural euros also euro

Definition of EURO

:  the common basic monetary unit of most countries of the European Union — see money table

Origin of EURO

short for the equivalent of Europe or European in the languages of the European Union
First Known Use: 1981

Other Monetary Terms

clad, legend, numismatic, obverse, reverse, scrip, series, specie

Rhymes with EURO


adjective \ˈyr-(ˌ)ō\

Definition of EURO

:  european
Euro noun

First Known Use of EURO


Rhymes with EURO


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Single currency of 16 countries of the European Union (EU), including Germany, France, and Italy. It is also the official currency in several areas outside the EU. The euro was adopted as a unit of exchange in January 1999. Those who advocated the currency believed it would strengthen Europe as an economic power, increase international trade, simplify monetary transactions, and lead to pricing equality throughout Europe. Euro currency notes and coins were introduced in January 2002 and became the sole national currency in all participating countries by March 1. Britain and Sweden decided not to adopt the euro immediately, and voters in Denmark rejected it.


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