noun \yü-ˈä-nə-məs\

Definition of EUONYMUS

Origin of EUONYMUS

New Latin, genus name, from Latin euonymos spindle tree, from Greek euōnymos, from euōnymos having an auspicious name, from eu- + onyma name — more at name
First Known Use: 1736


noun \yü-ˈän-ə-məs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of EUONYMUS

a capitalized : a genus (family Celastraceae) of often evergreen shrubs, small trees, or vines b : any member of the genus Euonymus
: the dried bark of the root of a shrub of the genus Euonymus (E. atropurpureus) used as a cathartic


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 170 species of shrubs, woody climbers, and small trees that make up the genus Euonymus (family Celastraceae), native to temperate Asia, North America, and Europe, including many popular landscape ornamental shrubs and ground covers. The winged spindle tree (E. alata), also called burning bush, is a handsome shrub with corky winged stems. Wood of the common spindle tree (E. europaea) is used for pegs and spindles; several varieties are grown as ornamentals.


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