noun \ˈyü-nək, -nik\

: a man who has had his sexual organs removed

Full Definition of EUNUCH

:  a castrated man placed in charge of a harem or employed as a chamberlain in a palace
:  a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitals
:  one that lacks virility or power <political eunuchs>
eu·nuch·ism \-nə-ˌki-zəm, -ni-\ noun

Origin of EUNUCH

Middle English eunuk, from Latin eunuchus, from Greek eunouchos, from eunē bed + echein to have, have charge of — more at scheme
First Known Use: 15th century

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noun \ˈyü-nək, -nik\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of EUNUCH

: a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitals
eu·nuch·ism \-ˌiz-əm\ noun


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Castrated human male. From remote antiquity on, eunuchs were employed in the Middle East and China as guards and servants in harems or other women's quarters and as chamberlains to kings. The eunuchs' confidential position frequently enabled them to exercise an important influence over their royal masters. Many of the patriarchs of Constantinople during Byzantine times were eunuchs. Eunuch advisers disappeared as a class only with the end of the Ottoman Empire. See also castrato.


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