adjective \i-ˈthir-ē-əl\

: in heaven

: resembling heaven : seeming to belong to another world

: very delicate

Full Definition of ETHEREAL

a :  of or relating to the regions beyond the earth
b :  celestial, heavenly
c :  unworldly, spiritual
a :  lacking material substance :  immaterial, intangible
b :  marked by unusual delicacy or refinement <this smallest, most ethereal, and daintiest of birds — William Beebe>
c :  suggesting the heavens or heaven
:  relating to, containing, or resembling a chemical ether
ethe·re·al·i·ty \-ˌthir-ē-ˈa-lə-tē\ noun
ethe·re·al·i·za·tion \-ē-ə-lə-ˈzā-shən\ noun
ethe·re·al·ize \-ˈthir-ē-ə-ˌlīz\ transitive verb
ethe·re·al·ly \-ē-ə-lē\ adverb
ethe·re·al·ness noun

Examples of ETHEREAL

  1. The windows give the church an ethereal glow.
  2. <that ethereal attribute that every performer should have—charisma>

First Known Use of ETHEREAL



adjective \i-ˈthir-ē-əl\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ETHEREAL

: relating to, containing, or resembling a chemical ether


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