Eskimo dog


Eskimo dog


Definition of ESKIMO DOG

:  any of an American breed of spitz dogs with a thick white coat; also :  any of a breed of Canadian sled dogs

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Eskimo dog

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Eskimo dog team—Harry Groom from Rapho/Photo Researchers

Breed of hunting and sled dog found near the Arctic Circle. It is believed by some to be representative of a pure breed 25,000–50,000 years old and by others to be descended from the wolf. It is powerfully built and big-boned, and it stands about 20–25 in. (51–64 cm) tall and weighs 65–85 lb (30–39 kg). Its long, waterproof outer coat, which varies in colour, covers a thick, woolly undercoat. See also spitz.


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