noun es·ca·la·tor \ˈes-kə-ˌlā-tər, ÷-kyə-\

: a moving set of stairs that carries people up or down from one level of a building to another

Full Definition of ESCALATOR

a :  a power-driven set of stairs arranged like an endless belt that ascend or descend continuously
b :  an upward course suggestive of an escalator <a never-stopping escalator of economic progress — D. W. Brogan>
:  an escalator clause or provision


from Escalator, a trademark
First Known Use: 1900

Rhymes with ESCALATOR

abdicator, abnegator, activator, actuator, adulator, advocator, agitator, alligator, allocator, animator, annotator, applicator, arbitrator, aspirator, aviator, brachiator, buccinator, calculator, calibrator, captivator, carburetor, castigator, circulator, commentator, commutator, compensator, compurgator, concentrator, confiscator, congregator, consecrator, consummator, contemplator, corporator, correlator, cultivator, decorator, defalcator, delegator, demonstrator, denigrator, depredator, desecrater, designator, detonator, deviator, dissipater, dominator, dura mater, educator, elevator, emulator, estimator, excavator, explicator, expurgator, extirpator, fabricator, fascinator, figure skater, flocculator, formulator, fornicator, fractionator, fumigator, generator, gladiator, hesitater, hibernator, imitator, immolator, impregnator, incubator, indicator, infiltrator, in-line skater, innovator, inhalator, inspirator, instigator, insulator, integrator, lacrimator, liberator, liquidator, literator, lubricator, macerator, masticator, mediator, mitigator, moderator, modulator, motivator, mutilator, navigator, nomenclator, nominator, numerator, obturator, operator, orchestrator, oscillator, peculator, percolator, perforator, perpetrator, pia mater, pollinator, postulator, procreator, procurator, promulgator, propagator, punctuator, radiator, re-creator, remonstrator, renovator, resonator, respirator, revelator, roller skater, rubricator, rusticator, salivator, second-rater, selling-plater, separator, simulator, stimulator, subjugator, Sunset Crater, syncopator, syndicator, tabulator, terminator, vaccinator, vacillator, valuator, venerator, ventilator, vindicator, violator, vitiator



Definition of ESCALATOR

:  providing for a periodic proportional upward or downward adjustment (as of prices or wages) <an escalator arrangement tying the base pay … to living costs — N. Y. Times>

First Known Use of ESCALATOR

ESCALATOR Defined for Kids


noun es·ca·la·tor \ˈe-skə-ˌlā-tər\

Definition of ESCALATOR for Kids

:  a moving stairway for going from one level (as of a building) to another


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