verb \i-ˈrās, British -ˈrāz\

: to remove (something that has been recorded) from a tape (such as a videotape or audiotape) or a computer disk; also : to remove recorded material from (a tape or disk)

: to remove (something written) by rubbing or scraping so that it can no longer be seen

: to remove something written from (a surface)


Full Definition of ERASE

transitive verb
a :  to rub or scrape out (as written, painted, or engraved letters) <erase an error>
b :  to remove written or drawn marks from <erase a blackboard>
c :  to remove (recorded matter) from a magnetic medium; also :  to remove recorded matter from <erase a videotape>
d :  to delete from a computer storage device <erase a file>
a :  to remove from existence or memory as if by erasing
b :  to nullify the effect or force of
intransitive verb
:  to yield to erasure
eras·abil·i·ty \-ˌrā-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
eras·able \-ˈrā-sə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of ERASE

  1. The recording can be erased and the tape used again.
  2. Several important files were accidentally erased.
  3. You can erase the tape and use it again.
  4. She erased the wrong answer from her paper and filled in the correct one.
  5. I erased the chalk marks from the blackboard.

Origin of ERASE

Latin erasus, past participle of eradere, from e- + radere to scratch, scrape — more at rodent
First Known Use: 1605
ERASABLE Defined for Kids


verb \i-ˈrās\

Definition of ERASE for Kids

:  to cause to disappear by rubbing or scraping <erase a chalk mark>
:  to remove marks from <erase a chalkboard>
:  to remove recorded matter from <erase a CD>
eras·er \i-ˈrā-sər\ noun


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