noun equip·ment \i-ˈkwip-mənt\

: supplies or tools needed for a special purpose

: the act of equipping someone or something

Full Definition of EQUIPMENT

a :  the set of articles or physical resources serving to equip a person or thing: as (1) :  the implements used in an operation or activity :  apparatus <sports equipment> (2) :  all the fixed assets other than land and buildings of a business enterprise (3) :  the rolling stock of a railway
b :  a piece of such equipment
a :  the equipping of a person or thing
b :  the state of being equipped
:  mental or emotional traits or resources :  endowment

Examples of EQUIPMENT

  1. The photographer came early to set up his equipment.
  2. I'm looking for a hobby that doesn't require a lot of fancy equipment.
  3. an expensive piece of medical equipment
  4. Not enough funds were provided for the equipment of the troops.

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noun equip·ment \i-ˈkwip-mənt\

Definition of EQUIPMENT for Kids

:  supplies or tools needed for a special purpose
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