noun \ˈen-trən(t)s\

: the act of entering something

: something (such as a door) that is used for entering something

: the right to enter something

Full Definition of ENTRANCE

:  power or permission to enter :  admission
:  the act of entering
:  the means or place of entry
:  the point at which a voice or instrument part begins in ensemble music
:  the first appearance of an actor in a scene

Examples of ENTRANCE

  1. the entrance of the army into the city
  2. the country's entrance into war
  3. The book describes his entrance into politics.
  4. The thieves gained entrance to our house by breaking a window.
  5. She always knew how to make a grand entrance.
  6. The main entrance is on the left side.
  7. There are two entrances to the park.
  8. The ship passed through the narrow entrance to the bay.
  9. He was denied entrance into the country.
  10. She applied for entrance at several colleges.

First Known Use of ENTRANCE

15th century


verb \in-ˈtran(t)s, en-\

: to fill (someone) with delight and wonder


Full Definition of ENTRANCE

transitive verb
:  to put into a trance
:  to carry away with delight, wonder, or rapture <we were entranced by the view>
en·trance·ment \-ˈtran(t)-smənt\ noun

Examples of ENTRANCE

  1. <a production of The Nutcracker ballet that will entrance audiences>

First Known Use of ENTRANCE


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