adjective \i-ˈnr-məs, ē-\

: very great in size or amount

Full Definition of ENORMOUS

a archaic :  abnormal, inordinate
b :  exceedingly wicked :  shocking <an enormous sin>
:  marked by extraordinarily great size, number, or degree; especially :  exceeding usual bounds or accepted notions
enor·mous·ly adverb
enor·mous·ness noun

Examples of ENORMOUS

  1. They live in an enormous house.
  2. We chose not to undertake the project because of the enormous costs involved.

Origin of ENORMOUS

Latin enormis, from e, ex out of + norma rule
First Known Use: 1531

Synonym Discussion of ENORMOUS

enormous, immense, huge, vast, gigantic, colossal, mammoth mean exceedingly large. enormous and immense both suggest an exceeding of all ordinary bounds in size or amount or degree, but enormous often adds an implication of abnormality or monstrousness <an enormous expense> <an immense shopping mall>. huge commonly suggests an immensity of bulk or amount <incurred a huge debt>. vast usually suggests immensity of extent <the vast Russian steppes>. gigantic stresses the contrast with the size of others of the same kind <a gigantic sports stadium>. colossal applies especially to a human creation of stupendous or incredible dimensions <a colossal statue of Lincoln>. mammoth suggests both hugeness and ponderousness of bulk <a mammoth boulder>.


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