noun \ˈen-ˌdīv, ˌän-ˈdēv\

: a plant with curly green leaves that are eaten raw

Full Definition of ENDIVE

:  an annual or biennial composite herb (Cichorium endivia) occurring in two forms:
a :  one having slightly bitter curly usually dissected leaves used especially in salads
b :  one having slightly bitter broad flat leaves used especially cooked as a vegetable —called also escarole

Origin of ENDIVE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin endivia, from Late Greek entybion, from Latin intubus
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Edible annual leafy plant (Cichorium endivia) of the aster family. It is variously believed to have originated in Egypt and Indonesia, and it has been cultivated in Europe since the 16th century. The many kinds of endive form two groups: the curly or narrow-leaved endive (C. endivia, variety crispa) and the Batavian, or broad-leaved, endive (C. endivia, variety latifolia), which is also called escarole. The former is used mostly for salads, the latter for cooking.


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