adjective \äⁿ(n)-ˈsant\

Definition of ENCEINTE

:  pregnant 4

Examples of ENCEINTE

  1. <back in the days when a bride who was visibly enceinte was a cause for family embarrassment>

Origin of ENCEINTE

French, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *incenta, alteration of Latin incient-, inciens being with young, modification of Greek enkyos pregnant, from en- + kyein to be pregnant — more at cyme
First Known Use: 1602

Other Medicine Terms

analgesia, angina, diabetes, hepatitis, homeopathy, logorrhea, palliate, pandemic



Definition of ENCEINTE

:  a line of fortification enclosing a castle or town; also :  the area so enclosed

Origin of ENCEINTE

French, from Old French, enclosing wall, from enceindre to surround, from Latin incingere, from in- + cingere to gird — more at cincture
First Known Use: circa 1708

Other History Terms

agonistic, carpetbagger, fief, historiography, paladin


adjective \äⁿ(n)-ˈsant\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ENCEINTE


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