noun, often attributive \ˈem-rē, ˈe-mə-\
plural em·er·ies

Definition of EMERY

:  a dark granular mineral that consists of corundum with iron oxide impurities (as magnetite) and is used as an abrasive; also :  a hard abrasive powder

Origin of EMERY

Middle English, from Anglo-French esmeril, from Old Italian smiriglio, from Medieval Latin smiriglum, from Greek smyrid-, smyris
First Known Use: 15th century

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noun , often attrib \ˈem-(ə-)rē\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural em·er·ies

Medical Definition of EMERY

: a dark granular mineral that consists essentially of corundum and is used for grinding and polishing; also : a hard abrasive powder


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Granular rock consisting of a mixture of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide, AlO) and iron oxides such as magnetite (FeO) or hematite (FeO). It is a dark, dense substance that looks much like iron ore. Turkey is the world's major producer. Long used as an abrasive or polishing material, particularly in sandpapers, it has largely been replaced by synthetic materials such as alumina. Its largest application now is as a nonskid material in floors, stair treads, and pavements.


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