noun el·e·va·tor \ˈe-lə-ˌvā-tər\

: a machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building

: a tall building for storing grain

Full Definition of ELEVATOR

:  one that raises or lifts something up: as
a :  an endless belt or chain conveyor with cleats, scoops, or buckets for raising material
b :  a cage or platform and its hoisting machinery for conveying people or things to different levels
c :  grain elevator
:  a movable airfoil usually attached to the tailplane of an airplane for controlling pitch — see airplane illustration

Examples of ELEVATOR

  1. We took the elevator to the 10th floor.

First Known Use of ELEVATOR


Rhymes with ELEVATOR

abdicator, abnegator, activator, actuator, adulator, advocator, agitator, alligator, allocator, animator, annotator, applicator, arbitrator, aspirator, aviator, brachiator, buccinator, calculator, calibrator, captivator, carburetor, castigator, circulator, commentator, commutator, compensator, compurgator, concentrator, confiscator, congregator, consecrator, consummator, contemplator, corporator, correlator, cultivator, decorator, defalcator, delegator, demonstrator, denigrator, depredator, desecrater, designator, detonator, deviator, dissipater, dominator, dura mater, educator, emulator, escalator, estimator, excavator, explicator, expurgator, extirpator, fabricator, fascinator, figure skater, flocculator, formulator, fornicator, fractionator, fumigator, generator, gladiator, hesitater, hibernator, imitator, immolator, impregnator, incubator, indicator, infiltrator, in-line skater, innovator, inhalator, inspirator, instigator, insulator, integrator, lacrimator, liberator, liquidator, literator, lubricator, macerator, masticator, mediator, mitigator, moderator, modulator, motivator, mutilator, navigator, nomenclator, nominator, numerator, obturator, operator, orchestrator, oscillator, peculator, percolator, perforator, perpetrator, pia mater, pollinator, postulator, procreator, procurator, promulgator, propagator, punctuator, radiator, re-creator, remonstrator, renovator, resonator, respirator, revelator, roller skater, rubricator, rusticator, salivator, second-rater, selling-plater, separator, simulator, stimulator, subjugator, Sunset Crater, syncopator, syndicator, tabulator, terminator, vaccinator, vacillator, valuator, venerator, ventilator, vindicator, violator, vitiator
ELEVATOR Defined for Kids


noun el·e·va·tor \ˈe-lə-ˌvā-tər\

Definition of ELEVATOR for Kids

:  a floor or little room that can be raised or lowered for carrying people or goods from one level to another
:  a device (as an endless belt) for raising material
Medical Dictionary


noun el·e·va·tor \ˈel-ə-ˌvāt-ər\

Medical Definition of ELEVATOR

:  a dental instrument for removing teeth or the roots of teeth which cannot be gripped with a forceps
:  a surgical instrument for raising a depressed part (as a bone) or for separating contiguous parts
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