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noun ein·korn \ˈīn-ˌkȯrn\

Definition of einkorn

  1. :  an ancient wheat (Triticum monococcum) having one-grained spikelets and grown especially formerly in poor soils in central and southern Europe and southwest Asia

Origin and Etymology of einkorn

German, from Old High German, from ein one + korn grain — more at one, corn

First Known Use: circa 1901

Rhymes with einkorn

acorn, adorn, airborne, althorn, baseborn, bass horn, bicorne, blackthorn, blue corn, boxthorn, broomcorn, buckthorn, bullhorn, careworn, Christ's-thorn, Dearborn, dehorn, dent corn, earthborn, field corn, firethorn, firstborn, flint corn, foghorn, forewarn, forlorn, forworn, freeborn, French horn, green corn, greenhorn, hartshorn, hawthorn, highborn, hulled corn, inborn, inkhorn, krummhorn, leghorn, longhorn, lovelorn, lowborn, newborn, outworn, pod corn, popcorn, post horn, pronghorn, ramshorn, reborn, saxhorn, seaborne, self-born, shipborne, shoehorn, shopworn, shorthorn, skyborne, soilborne, stillborn, stinkhorn, suborn, sweet corn, tick-borne, timeworn, tinhorn, toilworn, tricorne, trueborn, twice-born, twinborn, unborn, unworn, wayworn, wellborn, well-worn, wind-borne

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