Edward, Lake

Ed·ward, Lake

geographical name \ˈed-wərd\

Definition of EDWARD, LAKE

lake E Africa between NE Democratic Republic of the Congo & SW Uganda area 830 square miles (2158 square kilometers)

Edward, Lake

geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Lake, eastern Africa. One of the great lakes of the western Great Rift Valley, it lies on the border of Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda and is 48 mi (77 km) long and 26 mi (42 km) wide. On the northeast it is connected to the smaller Lake George. Lake Edward empties north through the Semliki River to Lake Albert. The lake abounds in fish; wildlife on its shores is protected within Virunga National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. It was named by Henry Morton Stanley, who visited the lake in 1888–89.


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