verb ed·it \ˈe-dət\

: to prepare (something written) to be published or used : to make changes, correct mistakes, etc., in (something written)

: to prepare (a film, recording, photo, etc.) to be seen or heard : to change, move, or remove parts of (a film, recording, photo, etc.)

: to be in charge of the publication of (something)

Full Definition of EDIT

transitive verb
a :  to prepare (as literary material) for publication or public presentation
b :  to assemble (as a moving picture or tape recording) by cutting and rearranging
c :  to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose <carefully edited the speech> <edit a data file>
:  to direct the publication of <edits the daily newspaper>
:  delete —usually used with out
ed·it·able \ˈe-də-tə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of EDIT

  1. This chapter needs to be edited.
  2. The book was poorly edited.
  3. The stories have been edited for a younger audience.
  4. Students learn to edit their essays for grammar and punctuation.
  5. The software allows you to edit videos on your computer.
  6. This film has been edited for television.
  7. an anthology of ancient poetry edited by a local professor

Origin of EDIT

back-formation from editor
First Known Use: 1791

Other Publishing Terms

annotate, dreadful, emend, expurgate, factoid, jump, lobster shift, redaction, referee

Rhymes with EDIT



Definition of EDIT

:  an instance or result of editing

First Known Use of EDIT


Rhymes with EDIT

EDIT Defined for Kids


verb ed·it \ˈe-dət\

Definition of EDIT for Kids

:  to correct, revise, and get ready for publication :  collect and arrange material to be printed <I'm editing a book of poems.>
:  to be in charge of the publication of something (as an encyclopedia or a newspaper) that is the work of many writers


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