Easter Island

Eas·ter Island

geographical name \ˈē-stər\

Definition of EASTER ISLAND

island Chile in SE Pacific 2000 miles (3200 kilometers) W of coast area 46 square miles (119 square kilometers)
Easter Islander noun


Eas·ter Island or Ra·pa Nui \ˌrä-pə-ˈnü-ē\ or Spanish Is·la de Pas·cua \ˌēs-lä-thā-ˈpäs-kwä\

Easter Island

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Sculptures cut from volcanic rock, Easter Island.—Ernest Manewal/Shostal Associates

Island (pop., 2002: 3,791), eastern Pacific Ocean. Located 2,200 mi (3,600 km) west of Chile, it has an area of 63 sq mi (163 sq km). Initially inhabited c. AD 400 by Polynesians from the Marquesas, Easter Island has long been famous for its monolithic stone statues in human form. They are some 10–40 ft (3–12 m) high, the heaviest weighing about 82 tons. They were probably erected c. AD 1000–1600. War and disease decimated the island's population over the succeeding centuries, and the statues' origins were forgotten. Annexed by Chile in 1888, the island was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.


Easter Island Spanish Isla de Pascua native Rapa Nui


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