noun \ˌdü-ə-ˈdē-nəm, d-ˈä-də-nəm also (ˌ)dyü-\

medical : the part of the small intestine that is right below your stomach

plural du·o·de·na\-ˈdē-nə, -də-nə\ or du·o·denums

Full Definition of DUODENUM

:  the first part of the small intestine extending from the pylorus to the jejunum
du·o·de·nal \-ˈdē-nəl, -də-nəl\ adjective

Origin of DUODENUM

Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Latin duodeni twelve each, from duodecim twelve; from its length, about 12 fingers' breadth
First Known Use: 14th century


noun \ˌd(y)ü-ə-ˈdē-nəm, d(y)-ˈäd-ən-əm\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural du·o·de·na \-ˈdē-nə, -ən-ə\ or du·o·de·nums

Medical Definition of DUODENUM

: the first, shortest, and widest part of the small intestine that in humans is about 10 inches (25 centimeters) long and that extends from the pylorus to the undersurface of the liver where it descends for a variable distance and receives the bile and pancreatic ducts and then bends to the left and finally upward to join the jejunum near the second lumbar vertebra
du·o·de·nal \-ˈdēn-əl, -ən-əl\ adjective

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

First and shortest (9–11 in., or 23–28 cm) segment of the small intestine. It curves down and then up from the pylorus of the stomach, where chyme enters it. Ducts from the pancreas and gallbladder bring in bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes to further digestion, and bile salts to break up fats. Nutrient absorption begins in the lower duodenum, which has a mucous lining. Exposure to stomach acid makes the upper duodenum susceptible to peptic ulcers, the duodenum's most common problem. Compression of the lower duodenum between the liver, pancreas, and major blood vessels can require surgery.


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