noun \ˈdü-ˌgäŋ, -ˌgŋ\

Definition of DUGONG

:  a sirenian mammal (Dugong dugon of the family Dugongidae) of a monotypic genus that has a bilobed tail and in the male upper incisors altered into short tusks and that inhabits warm coastal waters chiefly of southern Asia, Australia, and northeastern Africa

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Origin of DUGONG

New Latin, genus name, probably from dugung in Cebuano or a related Austronesian language of the central Philippines
First Known Use: 1800

Other Mammals Terms

dormouse, gibbon, grimalkin, sable, stoat, ungulate, vole


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Large marine mammal (Dugong dugon, the sole living member of the family Dugongidae) that lives in shallow coastal waters from the Red Sea and eastern Africa to the Philippines, New Guinea, and northern Australia. It is 7–11 ft (2.2–3.4 m) long and usually weighs 500–800 lbs (230–360 kg). Its round, tapered body ends in a flipper with paired, pointed, horizontal branches. The forelimbs are rounded flippers; there are no hind limbs. The head blends into the body, and the snout is broad, square, and bristled. Dugongs live in pairs or in groups of up to six individuals. Once heavily hunted for their meat, hides, and oil, they are now protected throughout most of their range, though some populations remain in danger of extermination. See also manatee, sea cow.


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