dry rot


dry rot


: a condition in which wood is destroyed by a type of fungus

Full Definition of DRY ROT

a :  a decay of seasoned timber caused by fungi that consume the cellulose of wood leaving a soft skeleton which is readily reduced to powder
b :  a fungal rot of plant tissue in which the affected areas are dry and often firmer than normal or more or less mummified
:  a fungus causing dry rot
:  decay from within caused especially by resistance to new forces

Examples of DRY ROT

  1. The windowsill was badly damaged by dry rot.
  2. Dry rot had eaten away part of the beam.

First Known Use of DRY ROT


dry rot

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Symptom of fungal disease in plants (see fungus), characterized by firm spongy to leathery or hard decay of the stem (branch), trunk, root, rhizome, corm, bulb, or fruit. The fungus consumes the cellulose of wood, leaving a soft skeleton that is readily reduced to powder.


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