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noun driv·er \ˈdrī-vər\

: a person who drives a car, truck, etc.

: a person whose job is to drive a vehicle (such as a taxi, truck, or bus)

: a piece of computer software that controls a device (such as a mouse or printer) that is attached to the computer

Full Definition of DRIVER

:  one that drives: as
a :  coachman
b :  the operator of a motor vehicle
c :  an implement (as a hammer) for driving
d :  a mechanical piece for imparting motion to another piece
e :  one that provides impulse or motivation <a driver in this economy>
f :  a golf wood with a nearly straight face used in driving
g :  an electronic circuit that supplies input to another electronic circuit; also :  loudspeaker
h :  a piece of computer software that controls input and output operations
driv·er·less \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of DRIVER

  1. Who was the driver at the time of the accident?
  2. We told the taxi driver to take us to the library.
  3. He likes to sit at the front of the bus, near the driver.
  4. There's a problem with the printer's driver.

First Known Use of DRIVER

14th century

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