noun dress·ing \ˈdre-siŋ\

: a usually seasoned mixture of liquids that is added to a salad

: special material that is used to cover a wound

: the act or process of putting on clothes

Full Definition of DRESSING

a :  the act or process of one who dresses
b :  an instance of such act or process
a :  a sauce for adding to a dish (as a salad)
b :  a seasoned mixture usually used as a stuffing (as for poultry)
a :  material (as ointment or gauze) applied to cover a lesion or wound
b :  fertilizing material (as manure or compost)

Examples of DRESSING

  1. We had turkey with dressing and potatoes for dinner.
  2. The nurse cleaned the cut and applied a dressing.

First Known Use of DRESSING

15th century
DRESSINGS Defined for Kids


noun dress·ing \ˈdre-siŋ\

Definition of DRESSING for Kids

:  a sauce put on a salad
:  a seasoned mixture used as a stuffing <turkey with dressing>
:  material (as ointment or gauze) used to cover an injury
:  the act of putting on clothes
Medical Dictionary


noun dress·ing \-iŋ\

Medical Definition of DRESSING

:  a covering (as of ointment or gauze) applied to a lesion
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