noun \ˈtüb, ˈtyüb\

: a long, hollow object that is used especially to control the flow of a liquid or gas

: an object shaped like a pipe

: a soft, long, narrow container that has a small opening at one end and that contains a soft material which can be pushed out by squeezing

Full Definition of TUBE

:  any of various usually cylindrical structures or devices: as
a :  a hollow elongated cylinder; especially :  one to convey fluids
b :  a soft tubular container whose contents (as toothpaste) can be removed by squeezing
c (1) :  tunnel
(2) British :  subway b
d :  the basically cylindrical section between the mouthpiece and bell that is the fundamental part of a wind instrument
a :  a slender channel (as a fallopian tube or a pollen tube) within a plant or animal body :  duct
b :  the narrow basal portion of a corolla with united petals or a calyx with united sepals
a :  electron tube; especially :  vacuum tube
b :  cathode-ray tube; especially :  a television picture tube
c :  television
:  an article of clothing shaped like a tube <a tube top> <tube socks>
tubed \ˈtübd, ˈtyübd\ adjective
tube·like \ˈtüb-ˌlīk, ˈtyüb-\ adjective
down the tube or down the tubes
:  into a state of collapse or deterioration

Examples of TUBE

  1. She was breathing oxygen through a tube.
  2. <watched the liquid move through the tube between the flasks and recorded the movement in his chemistry notebook>

Origin of TUBE

French, from Latin tubus; akin to Latin tuba trumpet
First Known Use: 1651

Rhymes with TUBE

DOWN THE TUBES Defined for Kids


noun \ˈtüb, ˈtyüb\

Definition of TUBE for Kids

:  a long hollow cylinder used especially to carry fluids
:  a long soft container whose contents (as toothpaste or glue) can be removed by squeezing
:  a slender channel within a plant or animal body :  duct
:  a hollow cylinder of rubber inside a tire to hold air
:  television 2
tube·like \ˈtüb-ˌlīk, ˈtyüb-\ adjective


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