noun \ˈdäŋ-kē, ˈdəŋ-, ˈdŋ-\

: an animal that is like a small horse with large ears

plural donkeys

Full Definition of DONKEY

:  the domestic ass (Equus asinus)
:  a stupid or obstinate person

Examples of DONKEY

  1. <we put our bags on the donkey and headed down the canyon>
  2. <called him a donkey when he refused to go along with their plans>

Origin of DONKEY

origin unknown
First Known Use: circa 1785

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Descendant of the African wild ass that has been used as a beast of burden since 4000 BC. The average donkey stands about 40 in. (100 cm) high at the shoulder, but breeds range from 24 to 66 in. (61–168 cm). Coats range from white to gray or black, usually with a dark stripe from mane to tail and a crosswise stripe on the shoulders. The mane is short and upright, and the tail has long hairs only at the end. The very long ears are dark at the base and tip. Donkeys are surefooted and can carry heavy loads over rough terrain. See also mule.

Variants of DONKEY

donkey or burro


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