Don Juan

Don Juan

noun \ˈdän-ˈ(h)wän, chiefly British & in poetry dän-ˈjü-ən\

: a man who has sexual relationships with many women

Full Definition of DON JUAN

:  a legendary Spaniard proverbial for his seduction of women
:  a captivating man known as a great lover or seducer of women
Don Juan·ism \-ˈ(h)wän-ˌi-zəm, -ˈjü-ə-ˌni-\ noun

Examples of DON JUAN

  1. <at the hotel bar she was immediately hit on by the local Don Juan>

Origin of DON JUAN

First Known Use: 1679

Rhymes with DON JUAN

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Don Juan

noun \(ˈ)dän-ˈ(h)wän, British usually dän-ˈjü-ən\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural Don Juans

Medical Definition of DON JUAN

: a man who pursues women promiscuously

Biographical Note for DON JUAN

Don Juan, legendary character. In Spanish legend Don Juan de Tenorio is a Seville nobleman who is infamous for his seduction of women. After one such episode he kills the conquest's father. Afterwards he visits the slain man's tomb, over which an effigy has been erected. Don Juan mockingly invites the statue to supper. The invitation is accepted, and the statue drags Don Juan to hell. Don Juan is now generally regarded as a symbol of libertinism.

Don Juan

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Fictional character famous as a heartless womanizer but also noted for his charm and courage. In Spanish legend, Don Juan was a licentious rogue who seduced a young girl of noble family and killed her father. Coming across a stone effigy of the father in a cemetery, he invited it home to dine with him, and the ghost of the father arrived for dinner as the harbinger of Don Juan's death. The legend of Don Juan was first written down by Tirso de Molina, who gave it an original twist in his tragedy The Seducer of Seville (1630). The story was subsequently taken up by many other artists including W.A. Mozart, in the opera Don Giovanni (1787); Molière and George Bernard Shaw, in plays; and Lord Byron in his long satiric poem Don Juan (1819–24).


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