noun dol·phin \ˈdäl-fən, ˈdl-\

: a small usually gray whale that has a pointed nose

Full Definition of DOLPHIN

a (1) :  any of various small marine toothed whales (family Delphinidae) with the snout more or less elongated into a beak and the neck vertebrae partially fused (2) :  any of several related chiefly freshwater toothed whales (as of the family Platanistidae)
b :  porpoise 1
capitalized :  delphinus
:  a spar or buoy for mooring boats; also :  a cluster of closely driven piles used as a fender for a dock or as a mooring or guide for boats

Illustration of DOLPHIN

Origin of DOLPHIN

Middle English delphyn, dolphyn, from Anglo-French delphin, alteration of Old French dalfin, from Medieval Latin dalfinus, alteration of Latin delphinus, from Greek delphin-, delphis; akin to Greek delphys womb, Sanskrit garbha
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Fishes Terms

char, chum, ichthyology, smelt, tetra, turbot
DOLPHIN Defined for Kids


noun dol·phin \ˈdäl-fən, ˈdl-\

Definition of DOLPHIN for Kids

:  a small whale with teeth and a long nose
:  either of two large fish usually of warm seas that are often used for food
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