noun \ˈdōl-mən, ˈdl-, ˈdäl-\

: an ancient structure made of two or more upright stones and a single stone lying across them

Full Definition of DOLMEN

:  a prehistoric monument of two or more upright stones supporting a horizontal stone slab found especially in Britain and France and thought to be a tomb

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Origin of DOLMEN

French, probably modification of Cornish tolmen, from tol hole + men stone
First Known Use: 1859


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Dolmen at Pentre Evan, Dyfed, Wales—Crown Copyright: Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments

Prehistoric monument usually consisting of several large stone slabs set edgewise in the earth to support a flat stone roof, all covered by a mound of earth that in most cases has weathered away. Designed as a burial chamber, the structure is typical of the Neolithic Period in Europe. Dolmens, though found as far east as Japan, are mainly confined to western Europe and northern Africa. See also megalith; menhir.


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