noun, dol·lar often attributive \ˈdä-lər\

: a basic unit of money in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries that is equal to 100 cents

: a bill or coin that is worth one dollar

the dollar : the value of a dollar when it is compared to another unit of money

Full Definition of DOLLAR

:  taler
:  any of numerous coins patterned after the taler (as a Spanish peso)
a :  any of various basic monetary units (as in the United States and Canada) — see money table
b :  a coin, note, or token representing one dollar
:  ringgit
:  money obtained from a specific source <the tourism dollar>

Examples of DOLLAR

  1. She had to pay hundreds of dollars in auto repairs.
  2. She put a wrinkled dollar down on the counter.
  3. The dollar dropped sharply against the pound.
  4. the strength of the dollar
  5. The dollar is worth more in Mexico.

Origin of DOLLAR

Dutch or Low German daler, from German Taler, short for Joachimstaler, from Sankt Joachimsthal, Bohemia, where talers were first made
First Known Use: 1553

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