adjective dog·ged \ˈd-gəd\

: having or showing the attitude of a person who wants to do or get something and will not stop trying : stubborn and determined

Full Definition of DOGGED

:  marked by stubborn determination <a dogged competitor> <dogged devotion>
dog·ged·ly adverb
dog·ged·ness noun

Examples of DOGGED

  1. Her dogged efforts eventually paid off.
  2. a dogged pursuit of power

First Known Use of DOGGED


Synonym Discussion of DOGGED

obstinate, dogged, stubborn, pertinacious, mulish mean fixed and unyielding in course or purpose. obstinate implies usually an unreasonable persistence <an obstinate proponent of conspiracy theories>. dogged suggests an admirable often tenacious and unwavering persistence <pursued the story with dogged perseverance>. stubborn implies sturdiness in resisting change which may or may not be admirable <a person too stubborn to admit error>. pertinacious suggests an annoying or irksome persistence <a pertinacious salesclerk refusing to take no for an answer>. mulish implies a thoroughly unreasonable obstinacy <a mulish determination to have his own way>.
DOGGEDNESS Defined for Kids


adjective dog·ged \ˈd-gəd\

Definition of DOGGED for Kids

:  stubbornly determined <He continued his dogged search for the truth.>
dog·ged·ly adverb <“And I'm doing it for their sakes,” she told herself doggedly … — Mary Norton, The Borrowers>


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