noun di·vid·er \də-ˈvī-dər\

: a thing that keeps two spaces or areas separate

: someone or something that causes people to disagree with one another

dividers : a tool that consists of two pointed sticks joined at the top and that is used for measuring or marking lines and angles

Full Definition of DIVIDER

:  one that divides
plural :  an instrument for measuring or marking (as in dividing lines)
:  something serving as a partition between separate spaces or areas <a highway divider>

Examples of DIVIDER

  1. Concrete barriers are used as highway dividers.
  2. She has proven to be a divider of people.
  3. He says that he's a uniter, not a divider.

Illustration of DIVIDER

First Known Use of DIVIDER

Medical Dictionary


noun di·vid·er \də-ˈvīd-ər\

Medical Definition of DIVIDER

:  the second incisor tooth of a horse situated between the center and corner incisors on each side—compare nipper 2
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