verb \ˌdis-ri-ˈspekt\

: to say or do something that shows a lack of respect for (someone or something)

Full Definition of DISRESPECT

transitive verb
:  to have disrespect for
:  to show or express disrespect or contempt for :  insult, dis <disrespected the officer>

Examples of DISRESPECT

  1. <a comedian who shuns jokes that disrespect people because of their race or ethnicity>
  2. <the player once again disrespected fans by refusing to sign autographs>

First Known Use of DISRESPECT




: speech or behavior which shows that you do not think someone or something is valuable, important, etc. : lack of respect

Full Definition of DISRESPECT

:  lack of respect
dis·re·spect·ful \-fəl\ adjective
dis·re·spect·ful·ly \-fə-lē\ adverb
dis·re·spect·ful·ness noun

Examples of DISRESPECT

  1. The student treated the teacher with disrespect.
  2. I'm sorry. I meant no disrespect.
  3. He showed a shocking disrespect for authority.

First Known Use of DISRESPECT



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