adjective dis·loy·al \(ˌ)dis-ˈli(-ə)l\

: failing to support or be true to someone or something : not loyal or faithful to your friends, family, country, etc.

Full Definition of DISLOYAL

:  lacking in loyalty; also :  showing an absence of allegiance, devotion, obligation, faith, or support <his disloyal refusal to help his friend>
dis·loy·al·ly \-ˈli-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of DISLOYAL

  1. It would be disloyal to abandon them.
  2. <we sensed that he was disloyal and would eventually turn on us>

Origin of DISLOYAL

Middle English, from Anglo-French desleial, desloial, from des- dis- + leal loyal
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of DISLOYAL

faithless, false, disloyal, traitorous, treacherous, perfidious mean untrue to what should command one's fidelity or allegiance. faithless applies to any failure to keep a promise or pledge or any breach of allegiance or loyalty <faithless allies>. false stresses the fact of failing to be true in any manner ranging from fickleness to cold treachery <betrayed by false friends>. disloyal implies a lack of complete faithfulness to a friend, cause, leader, or country <disloyal to their country>. traitorous implies either actual treason or a serious betrayal of trust <traitorous acts punishable by death>. treacherous implies readiness to betray trust or confidence <a treacherous adviser>. perfidious adds to faithless the implication of an incapacity for fidelity or reliability <a perfidious double-crosser>.
DISLOYALLY Defined for Kids


adjective dis·loy·al \dis-ˈli-əl\

Definition of DISLOYAL for Kids

:  failing to support or be true <disloyal friends>


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