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verb dis·in·te·grate \(ˌ)dis-ˈin-tə-ˌgrāt\

Simple Definition of disintegrate

  • : to break apart into many small parts or pieces

Full Definition of disintegrate

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to break or decompose into constituent elements, parts, or small particles

  3. 2 :  to destroy the unity or integrity of

  4. intransitive verb
  5. 1 :  to break or separate into constituent elements or parts

  6. 2 :  to lose unity or integrity by or as if by breaking into parts

  7. 3 :  to undergo a change in composition <an atomic nucleus that disintegrates because of radioactivity>

dis·in·te·gra·tion play \(ˌ)dis-ˌin-tə-ˈgrā-shən\ noun
dis·in·te·gra·tive play \(ˌ)dis-ˈin-tə-ˌgrā-tiv\ adjective
dis·in·te·gra·tor play \-ˌgrā-tər\ noun

Examples of disintegrate

  1. The paper will disintegrate if it gets wet.

  2. The laser can disintegrate most kinds of rock.


First Known Use of disintegrate


Rhymes with disintegrate

abbreviate, abominate, accelerate, accentuate, accommodate, acculturate, accumulate, adjudicate, adulterate, affiliate, agglomerate, alienate, alleviate, alliterate, amalgamate, ameliorate, amyl nitrate, annihilate, annunciate, anticipate, apostolate, appreciate, appropriate, approximate, arpeggiate, articulate, asphyxiate, assassinate, asseverate, assimilate, associate, at any rate, attenuate, authenticate, barbiturate, bicarbonate, calumniate, capacitate, capitulate, catholicate, certificate, coagulate, coelenterate, collaborate, commemorate, commiserate, communicate, compassionate, concatenate, conciliate, confabulate, confederate, conglomerate, congratulate, consolidate, contaminate, cooperate, coordinate, corroborate, deactivate, debilitate, decapitate, decelerate, decerebrate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, de-escalate, defibrinate, defoliate, degenerate, deliberate, delineate, demodulate, denominate, depopulate, depreciate, deracinate, deregulate, desegregate, desiderate, detoxicate, devaluate, diaconate, dilapidate, discriminate, disseminate, dissimulate, dissociate, domesticate, effectuate, ejaculate, elaborate, electroplate, eliminate, elucidate, emaciate, emancipate, emasculate, encapsulate, enumerate, enunciate, episcopate, equivocate, eradicate, etiolate, evacuate, evaluate, evaporate, eventuate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exaggerate, exasperate, excited state, excogitate, excoriate, exfoliate, exhilarate, exonerate, expatiate, expatriate, expectorate, expostulate, expropriate, extenuate, exterminate, extrapolate, facilitate, felicitate, fish or cut bait, garrison state, gesticulate, habilitate, habituate, hallucinate, humiliate, hydrogenate, hypothecate, illuminate, impersonate, inactivate, inaugurate, incarcerate, incinerate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, inebriate, infatuate, infuriate, ingratiate, ingurgitate, initiate, inoculate, inseminate, insinuate, instantiate, intercalate, interpolate, interrelate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, invalidate, investigate, invigorate, irradiate, Italianate, Korea Strait, lanceolate, legitimate, luxuriate, mandarinate, manipulate, matriarchate, matriculate, Merthiolate, necessitate, negotiate, noncandidate, obliterate, officiate, Orange Free State, orientate, originate, oxygenate, participate, particulate, patriarchate, patriciate, perambulate, peregrinate, perpetuate, pontificate, precipitate, predestinate, predominate, prefabricate, premeditate, preponderate, prevaricate, procrastinate, prognosticate, proliferate, propitiate, proportionate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, reciprocate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, reduplicate, reeducate, refrigerate, regenerate, regurgitate, reincarnate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, remunerate, repatriate, repudiate, resuscitate, retaliate, reticulate, revaluate, reverberate, scholasticate, second estate, self-flagellate, self-immolate, self-pollinate, seventy-eight, sextuplicate, Singapore Strait, sophisticate, subordinate, substantiate, syllabicate, tergiversate, transliterate, triangulate, vanity plate, variegate, vaticinate, vituperate, vociferate

Medical Dictionary


verb dis·in·te·grate \(ˈ)dis-ˈint-ə-ˌgrāt\

Medical Definition of disintegrate


  1. transitive verb

  2. :  to break or decompose into constituent elements, parts, or small particles

  3. intransitive verb

  4. 1:  to break or separate into constituent elements or parts

  5. 2:  to undergo a change in composition <an atomic nucleus that disintegrates because of radioactivity>

  6. dis·in·te·gra·tion \(ˌ)dis-ˌint-ə-ˈgrā-shən\play noun

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