noun \(ˌ)dis-ˈfā-vər\

: a feeling of disapproval or dislike

: the condition of being disapproved of or disliked

Full Definition of DISFAVOR

:  disapproval, dislike <practices looked upon with disfavor>
:  the state or fact of being no longer favored <fell into disfavor>

Examples of DISFAVOR

  1. He regarded their proposal with disfavor.
  2. They looked with disfavor upon her.

Origin of DISFAVOR

probably from Middle French desfaveur, from des- dis- + faveur favor, from Old French favor
First Known Use: circa 1533



: to disapprove of or dislike (someone or something)

: to make it more difficult for (a person, organization, etc.) to succeed or achieve something than it is for another person, organization, etc.

Full Definition of DISFAVOR

transitive verb
:  to withhold or withdraw favor from

Examples of DISFAVOR

  1. The current laws favor large businesses and disfavor smaller businesses.
  2. <a style of stage acting that is disfavored by most theatergoers today>

First Known Use of DISFAVOR



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