adjective \dis-ˈkrēt, ˈdis-ˌ\

: separate and different from each other

Full Definition of DISCRETE

:  constituting a separate entity :  individually distinct <several discrete sections>
a :  consisting of distinct or unconnected elements :  noncontinuous
b :  taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values <discrete probabilities> <a discrete random variable>
dis·crete·ly adverb
dis·crete·ness noun

Examples of DISCRETE

  1. <several discrete sections to this vast medical complex, including a college of pharmacology and a research center>
  2. The idea is to disconnect the memory from the reactions to the memory, so that although the memory of the traumatic event remains, the everyday things that can trigger fear and panic, such as trash blowing across the interstate or a car backfiring … are restored to insignificance. The trauma thus becomes a discrete event, not a constant, self-replicating, encompassing condition. —Sue Halpern, New Yorker, 19 May 2008

Origin of DISCRETE

Middle English, from Latin discretus (see discreet)
First Known Use: 14th century


adjective \dis-ˈkrēt, ˈdis-ˌ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of DISCRETE

: characterized by distinct unconnected lesions <discrete smallpox>—compare confluent 2


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