noun \dis-ˈkə-v(ə-)rē\

: the act of finding or learning something for the first time : the act of discovering something

: something seen or learned for the first time : something discovered

plural dis·cov·er·ies

Full Definition of DISCOVERY

a :  the act or process of discovering
b (1) archaic :  disclosure
(2) obsolete :  display
c obsolete :  exploration
:  something discovered
:  the usually pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties to a legal action or proceeding

Examples of DISCOVERY

  1. Scientists announced the discovery of a new species of plant.
  2. Her research led to a number of important discoveries about the disease.
  3. Reporters made the shocking discovery that the governor had been unfaithful to his wife.
  4. the discovery of pollution in the river
  5. the discovery of a talented musician
  6. sailors during the age of discovery
  7. It was one of the most important discoveries in the history of medicine.

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, pretrial procedures providing for the exchange of information between the parties involved. Discovery may be made through interrogatories, written questions sent from one side to the other in an attempt to secure important facts. It also can be made through depositions, whereby a witness is sworn and, in the presence of attorneys for both sides, is subjected to questions. (The written record of the proceedings also is called a deposition.) Other forms of discovery include an order of production and inspection, which compels the opposing party to produce relevant documents or other evidence, and requests for medical examination in cases in which a party's mental or physical condition is at issue.


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