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dig in one's heels

Definition of dig in one's heels

  1. :  to behave in a stubborn way :  to refuse to change <The salesman dug in his heels and refused to lower the price any further.>

Variants of dig in one's heels


dig one's heels in

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to break up, turn, or loosen (as earth) with an implement

    :  to prepare the soil of

    :  to bring to the surface by digging :  unearth

  1. :  thrust, poke

    :  a cutting remark

    :  accommodations for living or working

  1. : digest

heelplay heels
  1. :  the back of the human foot below the ankle and behind the arch

    :  the part of the hind limb of other vertebrates that is homologous with the human heel

    :  an anatomical structure suggestive of the human heel

  1. :  to furnish with a heel

    :  to supply especially with money

    :  to exert pressure on, propel, or strike with the heel

  1. :  to lean to one side :  tip

    :  to lean temporarily (as from the action of wind or waves) — compare list

    :  to cause (a boat) to heel

  1. :  a tilt (as of a boat) to one side

    :  the extent of such a tilt

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