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verb de·vote \di-ˈvōt, dē-\

Definition of DEVOTE

transitive verb
:  to commit by a solemn act <devoted herself to serving God>
:  to give over or direct (as time, money, or effort) to a cause, enterprise, or activity
de·vote·ment \-ˈvōt-mənt\ noun

Examples of DEVOTE

  1. <I conscientiously devote several hours every weekend to playing with my dog.>
  2. <planning a diplomatic career, she's been intensely devoting herself to the study of foreign languages in college>

Origin of DEVOTE

Latin devotus, past participle of devovēre, from de- + vovēre to vow
First Known Use: 1586

Related to DEVOTE

Synonym Discussion of DEVOTE

devote, dedicate, consecrate, hallow mean to set apart for a special and often higher end. devote is likely to imply compelling motives and often attachment to an objective <devoted his evenings to study>. dedicate implies solemn and exclusive devotion to a sacred or serious use or purpose <dedicated her life to medical research>. consecrate stresses investment with a solemn or sacred quality <consecrate a church to the worship of God>. hallow, often differing little from dedicate or consecrate, may distinctively imply an attribution of intrinsic sanctity <battlegrounds hallowed by the blood of patriots>.
DEVOTEMENT Defined for Kids


verb de·vote \di-ˈvōt\

Definition of DEVOTE for Kids

:  to set apart for a special purpose <The land was devoted to wildlife preservation.>
:  to give up to entirely or in part <He devoted himself to finding a cure.>


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