adjective de·ter·mined \-ˈtər-mənd\

: having a strong feeling that you are going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you

: not weak or uncertain : having or showing determination to do something

Full Definition of DETERMINED

:  having reached a decision :  firmly resolved <determined to be a pilot>
a :  showing determination <a determined effort>
b :  characterized by determination <will deter all but the most determined thief — Security World>
de·ter·mined·ly \-mənd-lē, -mə-nəd-lē\ adverb
de·ter·mined·ness \-mənd-nəs\ noun

Examples of DETERMINED

  1. We are making a determined effort to correct our mistakes.
  2. <his determined opponent would not be bluffed or shaken>

First Known Use of DETERMINED

DETERMINEDLY Defined for Kids


adjective de·ter·mined \di-ˈtər-mənd\

Definition of DETERMINED for Kids

:  free from doubt about doing something <He was determined to make it home.>
:  not weak or uncertain :  firm <She's making a determined effort.>


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