adjective \di-ˈtacht, dē-\

: not emotional : not influenced by emotions or personal interest

: not joined or connected : separate from another part or thing

Full Definition of DETACHED

:  standing by itself :  separate, unconnected; especially :  not sharing any wall with another building <a detached house>
:  exhibiting an aloof objectivity usually free from prejudice or self-interest <a detached observer>
de·tached·ly \-ˈta-chəd-lē, -ˈtacht-lē\ adverb
de·tached·ness \-ˈta-chəd-nəs, -ˈtacht-nəs\ noun

Examples of DETACHED

  1. The house has a detached garage.
  2. <a detached observer at company parties, taking it all in and saying very little>

First Known Use of DETACHED

circa 1706

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