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verb de·spise \di-ˈspīz\

: to dislike (something or someone) very much


Full Definition of DESPISE

transitive verb
:  to look down on with contempt or aversion <despised the weak>
:  to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful
de·spise·ment \-ˈspīz-mənt\ noun
de·spis·er \-ˈspī-zər\ noun

Examples of DESPISE

  1. She was despised as a hypocrite.
  2. <I despise anchovies on pizza, and I refuse to eat them!>

Origin of DESPISE

Middle English, from Anglo-French despis-, stem of despire, from Latin despicere, from de- + specere to look — more at spy
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of DESPISE

despise, contemn, scorn, disdain mean to regard as unworthy of one's notice or consideration. despise may suggest an emotional response ranging from strong dislike to loathing <despises cowards>. contemn implies a vehement condemnation of a person or thing as low, vile, feeble, or ignominious <contemns the image of women promoted by advertisers>. scorn implies a ready or indignant contempt <scorns the very thought of retirement>. disdain implies an arrogant or supercilious aversion to what is regarded as unworthy <disdained popular music>.
DESPISED Defined for Kids


verb de·spise \di-ˈspīz\

Definition of DESPISE for Kids

:  to feel scorn and dislike for

Synonym Discussion of DESPISE

despise and scorn mean to consider a person or thing as not worth noticing or taking an interest in. despise may be used of feeling ranging from strong dislike to true hatred. <I despise liars.> scorn is used of a deep and ready feeling of angry disgust for anything that a person doesn't respect. <The sergeant scorned the soldiers who were lazy.>


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