noun \di-ˈzī-nər\

: a person who plans how something new will look and be made : a person who creates and often produces a new product, style, etc.

Full Definition of DESIGNER

:  one that designs: as
a :  one who creates and often executes plans for a project or structure <urban designers> <a theater set designer>
b :  one that creates and manufactures a new product style or design; especially :  one who designs and manufactures high-fashion clothing <the designer's new fall line>

Examples of DESIGNER

  1. She is one of the leading designers in the fashion world.
  2. He is a designer and engineer for a car company.
  3. She was the designer of the book's jacket.

First Known Use of DESIGNER




: created by a famous designer

: very fashionable and popular

: scientifically changed from the usual or natural form

Full Definition of DESIGNER

:  of, relating to, or produced by a designer <designer wallpaper> <wearing a designer original>; also :  displaying the name, signature, or logo of a designer or manufacturer <designer jeans>
:  intended to reflect the latest in sophisticated taste or fashion <designer ice cream> <a designer haircut>
:  modified artificially (as by genetic engineering) to fulfill individual specifications or meet a need <designer foods> <designer estrogens>

Examples of DESIGNER

  1. <that car manufacturer is claiming that their new models are the last word in designer technology>

First Known Use of DESIGNER



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