noun \di-ˈpärt-mənt\

: one of the major parts of a company, organization, government, or school

: an area in a store where a particular kind of product is sold

: a subject or activity that a person is interested in or responsible for

Full Definition of DEPARTMENT

a :  a distinct sphere :  province <that's not my department>
b :  a category consisting especially of a measurable activity or attribute <lacking in the trustworthiness department — Garrison Keillor>
:  a functional or territorial division: as
a :  a major administrative division of a government
b :  a major territorial administrative subdivision
c :  a division of a college or school giving instruction in a particular subject
d :  a major division of a business
e :  a section of a department store handling a particular kind of merchandise
f :  a territorial subdivision made for the administration and training of military units
de·part·men·tal \di-ˌpärt-ˈmen-təl, ˌdē-\ adjective
de·part·men·tal·ly \-tə-lē\ adverb

Examples of DEPARTMENT

  1. Your letter has been forwarded to our sales department.
  2. When you get to the hospital, go directly to the X-ray department.
  3. the university's math and science departments
  4. the department of modern languages
  5. She joined the town's police department.


French département, from Old French, act of dividing, from departir
First Known Use: 1735


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