verb \di-ˈnōt, dē-\

of a word : to have (something) as a meaning : to mean (something)

: to show, mark, or be a sign of (something)

Full Definition of DENOTE

transitive verb
:  to serve as an indication of :  betoken <the swollen bellies that denote starvation>
:  to serve as an arbitrary mark for <red flares denoting danger>
:  to make known :  announce <his crestfallen look denoted his distress>
a :  to serve as a linguistic expression of the notion of :  mean
b :  to stand for :  designate
de·note·ment \-ˈnōt-mənt\ noun

Examples of DENOTE

  1. The word derby can denote a horse race or a kind of hat.
  2. Her death denoted the end of an era.

Origin of DENOTE

Middle French denoter, from Latin denotare, from de- + notare to note
First Known Use: 1562


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